introducing Instant Reply!

Send personal short answers with one click using the Instant Reply buttons.

For example:

  • A "Like!" button,
  • A "Task Done!" button,
  • Any button you want! It's personalized!

The Gmail Wiz

"GmailWiz's buttons are truly one-click responses!"

- Matt Elliott, C|Net

~ Your Personal Instant Reply: ~


Choose buttons

Choose which InstantReply buttons will be displayed near your “Reply” button!


Reply/Reply all

Choose who will receive your InstantReplies.
Each InstantReply button can have its own setting!


Personalized Replies

Be yourself, write your own InstantReply messages. You can also write a set of possible InstantReplies for each button!

About GmailWiz:

GmailWiz was invented by Nimrod (Nimo) Shkedy after spending too much time answering emails with the same response. Now, you too can add Instant Reply buttons to Gmail, and save time with quick responses so you can concentrate on more important emails!

GmailWiz is distributed AS-IS and will update the legal documents at this website from time to time.